"If I Could Go Back in Time"

"I think I would save Kurt Cobain." Ever says. "Tell him he was worth something more then bloodspatter on a wall."
"I would fuck Hitler." Morgan coughs through the smoke. "He was probobly crazy in bed too."
We all laugh.
"I would meet my dad." Jennie grumbles. "See what he was like. Maybe he loved me."
Our group is stricken with silence. The rest of us wonder what we would do if we could go back in time.
"I would write a fucked up movie. More fucked up then sleepers." Lace says. She takes a drag of the joint then passes it to Casey.
"I would invent post-its or the telephone or some shit. Be put in history books." She hands the joint off to me.
I wrap my lips around the end of the fat and fragile burning torch and breathe in deep. My throat starts to burn so I exhale a thick cloud of smoke.
"I would just watch." My dry mouth manages to speak. "I wouldn't talk to anybody or touch anything because that might change the way things are now. And right now, I wouldn't change a fucking thing."
Five of us stay silent for the rest of the night. Lace laughs when the trees speak to her.