i went to the pharmacy

so today i woke up out of bed at 1030am and figured i would go and get my prescription that i had gotten yesterday from the hospital.
So i go to the Pharmacy give the prescription i go back 15 min later to pick up my prescription and find out it not covered under Ontario works    drug benifits card 
so i was sorta angry at the fact that it would cost me money so told them i be back in 2 second i just had to make a phone call so i called my fiancée and told her i would have to pay for the prescription so she ya go i head get it.
i go back and there closed for 30 min for lunch i told them 2 second and then they go for lunch so i was a bit frustrated at that point i may made a little noise whit my empty pop can on the counter so i then roam around the store for 30 min come back  pay for prescription then i have to talk whit pharmacist because never taken these before and she explains     and proceeds to tell me that i apparently had a fit true my pop can of witch i did not so what do you all think i so do on this situation.