i was so scared last night

i had a dream that my dad was drinking again. I was in my room && he had gone out to do something. well i was holding a dress in my arms. well the sun was setting && i was getting worried so i went outside. [still holding the dress for some reason && it had mud on the bottom like i had been walking around in it or something.] well he was across the street sitting in a chair drinking beer. then the next thing i know he was up in my face && was complaining about how i didnt care && tht i hadnt come looking for him. && i started screaming at him that i was leaving 2 just do tht. i dont know if i remember the rest or not. ur mind can add things to stuff even thow they didnt actually happen, but yeh. but i actually cried while i was asleep cause my father use to be horrible when he drank. him && my mom use to fight all the time cause she hated him coming home like tht. he never did tht to me or my sister. he was smoozy to us but it always scared the fuck outta me. && my sister got 2 c him choking my mom in the hallway one time. But after tht my mom kicked him outta the house for bout a year 1/2. so now he's straightened up. but i still get scared of whether or not he'll come home drunk again.