i was a liar

i dont know where to begin well lets get straight to the point im a liar im married  i never told someone and finally admitted that im married it was wrong of me very wrong and has not sat with me some time now you know when you dont phone someone and you the longer you leave it the harder it becomes well this was hard for me but its out in the open ive not lied about anything else in my life i never mentioned im married not because i want to pray on women but quite simply its my private life and im not happy at home ive not been for some years i met her when drunk and well we argue lots and to be honest i work from 7am out the door come home at 7.30pm then either a meeting or the gym thats not a loving relationship but it keeps me happy the more days im sober the stronger im becoming in life i dont know what the future holds for me in my life i have lost one friend today because of my lies and expect more to follow nobody likes a liar i thought shall i close my account on here and rename my self to me start a fresh if i did i truly would tell any remaining friends what my new name is one reason is if you want to be my friend you would have the option and secondly not to be a liar you would know who i am but to be honest i think i'll stay as i am today was awfull i felt bad for what i have done im not a bad person but hey im sober im alive and this for me is a lesson and long as i learn my lesson life will be ok i never once thought of picking a drink up over this ive been told i dont work my program correctly and true i have not in this area but to me i am still learning i do my service lots and do meetings etc and im sober and im working my program to the best of my ability so to all i am sorry i was a liar merry christmas