I want thought protection.

So it’s been a while since I wrote in this little journal thing so everyone can see what I write online and since nobody on this site knows me in person I guess it makes it okay? I am sure there is some conspiracy since people with problems are an inferior race to those that “claim” they don’t have problems they will gang stalk and harass us under them. I see that as being a moral problem, but there are a lot of people on this site that don’t care about morals wonder why they are not in prison if they have no morals? Well friends is what I am having a problem with since taking a jump into the land of where I grew up in I come to see that the world has changed and done a complete 360 it seems.  I thought it was just me at first till I started finding others online that can relate to some of the same problems I see and also that strikes life.  So what’s the deal with all these cell phone towers anyways?  Surely to get good reception we don’t need as many as being put up. A lot of scientists and educated professionals are saying that all the Electro Smog from these towers can have negative effects on us such as brain tumors odd thought process etc...  Sometimes I think we are all being run by machines maybe Pink Floyd was on to something.  Well for some odd reason I never write in my journal unless I am on my meds I guess it means my thought process is getting better?  Well who knows?   It’s really weird that every time I log on this guy with a “God” complex seems to be the first person to send me messages.  I am not bashing that guy if he reads this; I just find it funny that he always gets upset about it.  Some say that meeting people online is what loosers do and maggots.  I have met people my whole life online and well some of them brought plenty of smiles to my face but unfortunately someone was playing match maker with me and the last person I met online turned out to be a nice girl that feel in love with me, but I couldn’t tell her I loved her back.  It made that person VERY angry that was playing match maker and they have made my life a living hell the past 4 years but I know what goes around comes around so maybe someday we shall meet.  I honestly pray that everything I have been through don’t even happen to this person because nobody should be subjected to this.  Why is it people are so afraid of death although our culture seems to be based around death.  I keep seeing sayings like “seek the truth and the truth shall set you free or get you killed”  Well if finding the truth sets me free and then I die then I guess I will feel accomplished when I reach the pearly gates..  So I have a fetish for Fiona Apple and when I dream about her my day seems to be pretty good.  I would love to meet her in person some day but I seriously doubt that will happen and I would have no clue what to talk to her about but just her lyrics in her music. Well if you’re reading this you’re a looser for being online. Hahah j/k hope you have a good day. -- Nick