I've recovered.

I've managed to do it with God's help to get back to where I was last week. Yeah!!!!!! So I am 369 and have 2 lbs to lose to reach the doctors goal for me before surgery.
Once I finish losing the 2 lbs my new goal will be to get to 350 by the time I see my nut for the last time which is in July right before my birthday. I'm hoping then will schedule me for surgery on that day for some time in August. What a nice birthday present that would be and I pray that all that get's sent in will get me my approval for the surgery.
It's weird everytime I eat lately, I feel like I'm not suppose to eat solid food. I feel guilty because I always have a big dinner but it is working cause I lose weight. My mouth must be getting use to good food for a change. I miss my Doncan Donuts honey bran muffins though. And I could really go for a soda even a diet one but been trying not to do that because I won't be allowed to do it after surgery ever. I would rather stop it now than to go through surgery and then don't have it suddenly.
These are all good things for me...life has just gotten complicated for me suddenly causing me to be down some. I am trying to stay positive. I'm happiest when I think about my surgery. (that sound weird to be happy about a surgery, doesn't it?).