I've come a long way on my RA journey

     When we had Easter dinner with hubby's family last Sunday, my FIL commented that I didn't bring my cane. (The last time he saw me was at a "Light the Night" charity walk. I'd been having some foot/heel pain at the time, but I still wanted to do the walk, so I used my cane.) I told him that I've been feeling pretty good lately.
      His comment made me think how far I've come on my RA journey. Three years ago I was in constant pain. My fingers occasionally locked up. My hands were swollen so I couldn't open jars or wring out a washcloth. When I had to go out, I wore sweats or stretch pants and slip-on shoes because I couldn't button jeans or tie shoes. My arms felt like lead. I couldn't reach in and turn on the shower from outside the stall. When I took my daughter shopping, I had to sit down while she browsed and tried on clothes.
     Naproxen didn't seem to do much. MTX helped a little: my shoulders loosened up and the swelling reduced some. Steroid shots in the knees brought great relief, but I still had pain and inflamation in many other joints.
     Once I started on Humira, I was able to do more everyday tasks, such as cook dinner and sit at my computer for a couple of hours at a time. But still, whatever I did, I had to somehow accommodate or work around my RA. It was always in the front of my mind.
     However, because my joints felt better, I started moving more (taking walks around the neighborhood, going shopping), which itself helped my condition. And although I didn't realize it, I was slowly improving day by day. Of course, I've had bad days, but the overall trend has been upward. Any bad days today are better than my "good" days of three years ago.
     Traditionally, we attend Easter sunrise service at an amphitheater that's about a half-mile trek from the parking lot, including stairs and fairly steep slopes. We go to concerts every summer at the same amphitheater, and I often bring my cane along because of the walk involved. This Easter, however, the thought of the cane never even crossed my mind, and I hiked up the stairs and hills with no problem.
     After my Easter evening chat with my FIL, I realized that I didn't even think about my RA when I was planning for the day. The only thing I was concerned about is what my vegetarian daughter would be able to eat at dinner. The RA's not gone, but it's way in the back of my mind. Perhaps that's one reason I've been spending less time on DS. RA isn't dominating my thoughts; I'm just living my life.



kewel that your fil noticed and made a postitive comment... that is super!!we often forget what we couldn\'t do, but forget when we get those things back!

How wonderful to be able to do more and get more out of life. I remember dark shadows, but only when I work at it. I have a vegan DIL, but it seems we\'re on her s**t list, and we never see her. I think part of it stems to the fact that I had planned to cook a vegan soup when she was here a year ago, but when I heard she wasn\'t coming back for dinner, I made the soup that I wanted, with butter and chicken stock. There seem to be repercussions, when she did come back, and I announced the deed. It\'s a strange journey. hugs, d