I quit!

I quit my job today. Its a long story, i'll start from the beginning of the day. Well I was having really bad period pains, I worked for a few hours but I asked if I could go home because they were getting so bad. She said no, so I carried on working untill after dinner, I felt like I was going to feint and then threw up. I went in to ask her if I could have a little rest because I had thrown up and she said "I want to ask you something, do you like working here? Because You give the impression you don't like it and you are just waiting untill it is time to go home. You never enjoy the jobs I give you you always sigh at them. I cant work in the same room as you because it destroys my motivation etc etc etc etc etc" And do you know what? I said fine I wont work here anymore, because it sounds like you don't want me here. She didnt beleive me that I had been sick. She said period pain isnt that bad that you can't work through it (lucky bitch).I think God gave me this opportunity for a reason though, I wasn't enjoying it. Shes right. I don't agree with any of her values on fashion and it was ruining my will and my passion for what I do. Go me!