I passed the Math B Regents Exam!

It's official. Today my Math teacher called to inform me that I passed the Math B Regents Exam. (A High-Stakes New York State Exam that deals with precalculus, trig., algebra, etc...) I got a 73%, and that is even better than what I hoped for!  I had failed this exam the last two times I took it, with a 56% and a 54% (65% is passing) and spent so many hours and days and weeks studying and re-studying past exams... I took so many practice exams and got extra help so many times from more than one Math teacher at my school.  And because of all this hard work...I will now get an Advanced High School Diploma -with distinction! (It was the only Exam left that I needed to qualify). I am so relieved and joyed that I passed...Hard work truly does pay off!