I need a plan

I need a plan. That's pretty much it. I feel like I am just on a hit and miss basis, just accepting whatever it is that comes along that may help me.
I know I already actively (once a week) see a therapist, which I am totally grateful for because she is pretty much my only friend. I also, go to my therapy appointment alone, which is really hard for me to do, especially going anywhere else. I wake up and do my chores, shower, and eat. I read inspirational and self-help articles. Practice some meditation and positive visualization. I also, see my med doc once a week.
Things I know that may help but why I have been unable to do:
Exercise- Limited space in my studio, anxious to be outside alone, treadmill in basement and cannot go in there alone.
Socializing- I have social anxiety and extreme panic with meeting new people or going to new places, especially alone.
Eating Healthier- I am so poor being on disability, that I can only buy foods that are on sale, which usually aren't the healthiest, so tired and lethargic I don't like to cook.
I'm sure there are more things that can help, that's why I need a plan.
- My first thing is to tell my med doc, I don't want to be on any meds for awhile.
- Start taking vitamin and herbal supplements to see if that will work better and of course without all those crazy side effects.
- Make a healthy meal plan
- Find a way to exercise
So far that's all I got, guess that's good for now.