I miss him...

Im being a whiney little girl...Im sorry...
so close, yet so far away.
What a week.
Jay was supposed to be home this weekend, and hes not.
Yesterday was my official divorce anniversary.
and Im GRATEFUL for that.
I miss......
I miss his eyes...and the way they look at me.
The way his jaw cracks every now and then when he kisses me.
His tiger tattoo on his forearm.
His voice
Waking up next to him in the morning
The way we can talk for hours about nothing and everything
How he loves to hold my hand everywhere we go
How he is always sure to walk next to the road when he are walking ont he sidewalk.  Always opens the doors
Him waiting for me in the parking lot on post..leaning against his car..rushing over as I am unbuckling my seatbelt to open my Jeep door to kiss me hello...
Being distracted while we are driving because I just want to look at him and not the road when we are in my Jeep
Riding around in his Camaro
Feeling like we are the only 2 people in the world when he is next to me
the way he looks in his camo, his combat boots under the bed
Falling asleep in his arms
How he calls me after the exact time it takes for me to get home..to make sure I got there OK
I could go on and on....
6 more months...  I really hope the winter goes by quickly.....



me too, for your sake only, hang in there lil lady

I agree - hang in there honey :) Lots of good things to miss listed here.