i made a group! plz join it!

i made a group called comedic medicine its for those who want to give lauphs and for those who need some lauphs join my groupe and see how it got its name and why in the group fist topic ever made
i do hope its successfull so then i can not only give lauphs but also give them to who need it i mean wich would doo more good lauphger at a comidy club or at aplace flooded w/ support goups w/ ppl who have ishues that will drive them up the wall
im aso not after fame witch is why i dont become a profishinal comedian
becase they live off of that wich means hey have to charge wich im not about that im more so when telling jokes and giving lauphs about having a good time and lauhgping with the ppl i give the lauphs to wich is more fun aslo becase then im not relly working im more so hanging out pll ppl that have potencha to be friends
so plz join and reffer a friend thx for reading