\"I\'m trying to feel better\"

All I think about is the future, which does not look very bright for me.  I trust God and his promises, but I'm afraid if my mother dies I'm going to be left alone.  As you all know I'm disabled and with what I make is barely impossible to make it now days.  What am I gonna do?  Right now I'm leaving with my mom and my son(he doesn't contribute anything for house expenses)  I have a low income apt., but it is in a very lousy neighborhood, they are always stealing cars, entering the apts.etc...  My problem is that when my mother dies, I hope she never does, I'm going to be left with the taxes to pay, at least half of the taxes, because one of my sisters lives on the back.  I just don't think this is fair, because she makes a lot of money and I don't.  Most of my anxiety and depression have to do with this problem.  Any suggestions?