I'm Tired

I'm tired.  I'm tired of my life.  Eczema is ravaging my body.  It's taking over my life.  My hands itch and peel and bleed.  They're so dry that after a couple of hours on the computer, the keyboard looks like it has a bad case of dandruff from all the skin that has flaked off.  My legs look like a battlefield. It has spread above my knees now. My back and stomach itch constantly and it has begun to invade my arms.  And, it has even spread to my face.  And, there is always MRSA looming in the background ready to strike again.  My legs are weak from the infections they've gone through and with the diagnoses of arthritis, they may be on a down hill spiral.  My backyard looks like no one lives here.  The weeds are so high I sometimes lose Foxy when she's doing her thing.  But, I've just been in so much pain that I can't get out there to mow.  Plus, there are so many broken branches, I need to clear them up so I can mow.  Inside the house isn't much better.  When you're in pain, you don't want to do anything.  Why can't I die?  The world would be better off without me.