I'm Pretty Much Normal Again

I'm back to being normal for me again. I did have an anxiety attack today, but I went for a walk and it calmed down. I don't think it was even major enough to be called an anxiety attack, I didn't need to take a klonopin for it or anything, I just got really fussy and needed to move, so I went for a walk. It was just a bit more fussy than I normally get. I was supposed to go volunteer today, but I woke up too late and just didn't feel well enough. I went to the clinic later with Geo and it was pouring when we went there... I got there and my legs and feet were soaked. I should have gone to volunteer, and then I would have been okay since it wasn't raining when we left and it wasn't raining when I was going to go. Then again, the people I needed to talk to for volunteering were not there, so it's better that I didn't go. I don't know.
I'm just tired. I took a nap today when I wasn't really planning on sleeping (I was in bed resting, but not planning on actually falling asleep) and so I'm messed up on sleep. I need to get to sleep early tonight so I can wake up early tomorrow and get to volunteer, since I should have orientation on Wednesday and I need to get the information from the guy. Hopefully it won't be too hard to go to sleep. I had to take Klonopin last night to sleep since it was late and I couldn't sleep. My sleep has just been off lately with the depression and hypomania bouncing back and forth. Tonight I'm going to set my alarm for 10:30am tomorrow and just wake up then, unless something really bad happens tonight. If I fall asleep at midnight, so be it, I will just have to go through the day with coffee. Nothing wrong with some coffee in the morning (I don't drink it at night or really after 3pm because of the caffeine) to help me get up. I actually enjoy having my coffee, so it's a good thing. Hopefully I will fall asleep before midnight, though, since I'm really tired. I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open right now and yawning. 
I'm just glad I'm calming down and evening out. Geo and I watched some TV today, and it was awesome. Normally I can't sit through a long TV show without getting fussy, but it was so engrossing that I was happy to sit through the program. Sometimes we watch wrestling, sometimes we watch ghost shows, and sometimes other random programs. If it's over an hour long, I tend to get fussy and just want to lie down, but today I sat there for 2.5 hours watching TV. I know it seems odd for people to think that it's good that I'm sitting and watching TV, but there was a time when I had something called akathesia where I couldn't sit still at all, or stand. I had to be constantly moving, and it was hell. Just sitting for 10 minutes was hell. I had raw elbows from tossing and turning in bed. I'm glad that's over (it was a side effect of a medication I'm no longer on) and that I can sit. Normally an hour is my limit, but today wasn't too bad at all.
Food today, I'm low on calories and carbs again, and really low on protein. I would have my protein shake but I'm running out of milk and it tastes really gross with water. I normally eat my second piece of chicken and that puts me over, but there was only 3 pieces of chicken in the pack today so I don't have a second piece (Geo got his regular 2 pieces with my insistence). I may have some corn tortillas with some sour cream and hot sauce (I call them macos, for mock tacos) since the tortillas are high in carbs and protein. I will see what I need to eat in my food tracker on Spark People to get where I need to be. Mood was good today, and stress was low. I'm just tired, even though I got 12 hours of sleep more or less. It seems like a lot to normal people, but that's pretty much a normal night for me right now.