I'm Off to see the Dr.

Day 4
Slept more hours than not.
Crazy pain Friday and Saturday.
Weird rash that waxes and wanes.
So off I go, merrily merrily merrily merrily Life is but a Dream.....



I know how you feel!! My pain has been so bad just walking to the bthrm and doing no more than i have to here at home has me in tears so much of the time. I look forward to my very few days with less pain !! I can get more done.I need to lose weight i know but walking so slow and not much is not helping me to lose weight. I think losing weight should help with the pain, hopefully!! But i find the more pain I have the more I nibble. my pacifiers. My daugh & g daugh & gg son spent the night. I cried when they left. I just cry so easy anymore and hate it!! Praying to die is not a good thing but i sure do all the time!!! I managed to get into the store and take a scooter to get food. I managed to get it in the mobile. i managed to slowly put them away. I am thnful i am able to do for myself but I sure don\'t want to have to do anything with such unbearable pain day in and day out!!!!. I need to have my food delivered but I have a hard time making changes have to or not!! I will admit I am a mess!! My son wants me to walk and exercise but frankly I just can\'t!! I tried when i had a few good days. But I had to quit . Frankly I do get tired of never feeling up to doing anything and sit in my recliner so much!!! He just does not understand. i am not going to try and convince him anymore that I just can\'t!! My daugh does understand as she has Lupus,& Fibro . It is hard when you have 3 very painful illnesses!! I do!! Sorry for complaining today but the pain gets so old and my friends here understand!! TY for my vent!!! That rash sounds bad!!! Sorry you have it and all the problems with your health too!!!! Hugs!!! June.