I\'m in Another Mess

Wednesday, December 17, 2008   I sure have gotten myself into a real mess now.   When my brother came to bring the Christmas tree to me, I agreed to accept a large sum of money from him over a period of several years, which was supposed to have been my share from the sale of my house in the state of Virginia. I told him this in order to get him off my back. I did not think he would not want to give me any money until a year from now. I was going wrong about that!   This morning I received an e-mail from him asking what I wanted him to buy for me with the $1500 he owes me for this year. Since there is nothing that I need or want, I wrote back suggesting that we put it off one more year. That sounded logical to me, but not to him. He wrote back again saying that his wife wanted to play Santa.   He said that just to prove I could do it, he wanted me to tell him at least one thing that I wanted him to get for me. I find myself unable to do even that. For the past several years, I have had a psychological problem when it comes to spending money, even if someone else gives me the money. Explaining this to my brother would do nothing but cause an argument between the two of us.   I need to find some type of solution within the next day or two. Does anyone have an idea or two?