I\'m I realistic to think that DS will be back to normal for good.

Hello to all of the members of Daily Strenght.It has been a very strange last 6 months here at DS, but I am to fast to think that things could and can be back to the way they were in 2007.Ever since 2008 has started, this place felt more like a battle field than a place where we once felt like it was our Haven.Do I dare to think that this Preditor is gone and gone for good.I will start coming here again daily like I did since I've been here 2006, and help the people who needs desperately someone to help them with the initial shock of being diagnosed with the horrible virus of Hepatitis c.So I urge you all to pray with me that this preditor has visited this site for the last time, last month.Hopefully we can live again in Harmony, and maybe trust will also come in time.Thanks to those who will take the time to reflect on these words and pray that we indeed will be in a harmonious place again.MckenzieOne day at the time