I"m Home and I'm a WINNER!!

  Well, finally made it home.  Have my computer and MY internet back.  I am a Cappy Hamper!!!  I came home a winner.  I lost money on the slots, but I am a winner.  Spent time in a smoke filled casino, and I am a winner.
  Why am I a winner?  Because I was in Las Vegas, Nevada for 4 whole days.  Land of Sin and no shame and lots of fun stuff to do. With smokers every 2 feet.  Walking in front of me, behind me, sitting beside me, blowing their smoke this way and that. Talking to me while their foul smoke billowed out of their faces.  Las Vegas where there are vending machines all over the place with cigerettes in them.  Any kind you want.  If you are willing to shell out $7.00 a pack. And I did what I love to do most.  I played the slots  and I sewed and sewed and  sewed. But......................
I DID NOT SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   I made one complete quilt and got another almost made.  Lost some money not much.  Played all night monday on the $5.00 the casino gave us.  Played all day and night Tuesday and wedensday on the $20.00 Den put in the machines on Monday.  Lost some Thursday A.M.  But played for 4 hours last night on a twenty and when we cashed out had a total of 25 + change.  Do all in all was a great week.     
   The best part was the fact that I went into this week scared to that I wouldn't be strong enough to stay quit and came out knowing I really do need to apologize to 75% of my friend for doing that smelly thing within 1000 feet of them.   Man, how could I possible not known how bad that smelled.  OR not cared.  Shame on me.



Well Done, I\'m so proud of you, NO SMOKES and a good time to boot. Congrats.
Love .