I\'m free

Well, I've looked back on my journal over this past year and it has been a common theme for me about my relationship.  So...today will be different.  It will be different because I have ended my 7 years with a man who has drained me of my spirit and my dignity.   The last time I actually saw him was about two weeks ago at his sister's shop when I was having my hair done.  He comes in to get his hair cut and then just leaves.  I didn't call him and then finally on that Wednesday I left him an e-mail.  He called me and said that he wanted to stop by and get his things and get a few things off his chest.  I said I was busy and told him he could come by on Thursday.  He said he was busy...I said well I'm gone for the weekend then.  So we agreed to meet on that Monday which means a week had gone by since we saw each other.  The more I thought about all of this I thought why bother meeting with him?  Why put myself through that because all he will do his blame me solely for everything and berate me.  Why not just walk away?  So....I went on my wonderful weekend; came back on Monday; he calls me at work around 2:30 to see if he can stop by and pick up his things and get a 'few things off his chest' and I said, Nah...I dropped your things off and everything is on your patio.  He says really?  When did you stop by?  I said on Sunday.  He said well I still wanted to talk to you....I said WALK AWAY.  He said what?  I said WALK AWAY.  He said I have your things (which was one pair of sweats, a shirt, socks and a back pack) I said, through it in the dumpster.  He said no problem, have a nice life sweetheart...... WOW....I can't believe I finally did this?  7 years of feeling like shit; 7 years of womanizing; 7 years of tiptoeing around him because it was none of "my f....ing business what he does, who he is with and where he goes"; told me he didn't tell his wife anything when he was married and wasn't about to do so now; 7 years of a man who never took an interest in me or my children or my family for that matter......on and on and on.   So stay tuned as I plan my new life....first steps.  Hired an Italian tutor, Fabio to help me with my Italian.