I\'m done

it's been  four weeks..... my surgery was on June 30 however when I woke up it was to find the Dr. had only bypassed my intestine she did not make a pouch or staple the stomach. however she told me she could complete the surgery in a couple of weeks once the results were in. Dr. Francis found a GIST (gastric intestinal stromal tumor) - biopsy results 13 days later showed  benign! Dr. then told me that I needed a CT scan/ liver function test. I said ok can I have it done today since I was extremely anxious to complete my surgery no these things require  NPO after midnight and I had had a shake for breakfast. So here we are 1 blood test completed for liver function completed that day July 14, then according to her office I had to wait for the results before the CT scan could be completed finally on july 21 CT scan complete then an ultra sound had to be done because the CT scan showed something in pelvic area.... so ultrasound completed July  24 ( U.S. tech said they found cyst in R ovary.... now I only have 1 ovary left because back in 1996 yet again did I wake up from surgery to find out that they surgeon decided to leave it after taking everything else, even tho we discussed this and I told him to take everything because I did not want to have to come back and go thru this again when it developed tumors or cysts!) So each time I have had a test done I make sure the results are faxed to the Dr's office I was to have received a call from either the Dr. or the PA with my results this was on Monday well today is Wednesday and have called twice each day finally my last call yesterday was to request a Dr's note sending me back to work on Monday.  I am out of time I might have squeeked another week or two if they had completed my surgery by today at the latest but they wont even call me., I have spent the last 3 weeks taking care of my mother who had triple coronary bypass a week after I got out of the hospital she has been in hosp or their skilled nursing facility since July 9 and I get to bring her home today with the new pacemaker she had put in yesterday, I havent been home in a month, my husband comes to visit me on weekends and work is wanting to know when I am coming back.  the Dr's office won't call to schedule me to finish my surgery so here I am scars on my belly, hospitals bills building up and nothing to show for it .   so if I cry all day and look horrible because my eyes are swollen shut I think I'm entitled to a little depresseion.  I just don't know how I am going to face people....and explain without crying what happened.   so thanks for all the advice out there, but I just can't take it.  There will be no new life for me. I have to face this.   I went out and bought some clothes that fit(3x) and will get rid of anything too small when I get home this weekend I have learned to no longer plan things out ( I am a great planner) to not get my hopes up,  that Murphy's Law will allways kick in when it comes to me, and that I will always be boarderline and medicoreMarijane