I'm Back!!!! Yay!!!!!

Im having a funny old time lately...lots of rapid cycling. I am wondering if as the cycles go quicker and their intensity is reduced...that it could be a good sign for a possible remission this year. It takes time to get over Traumatic Stress- living with Bryan and then the two moves I made in quick succession took their toll on me.
Living with Ivan and Arnie here in the Rain Forest is so peaceful. Maybe this coupled with a new and more proactive social worker might just add up to tilt the balance in my favour.
I am enjoying work mostly...though I did take Wed and Thurs off this week-bit too uppish to buckle down to it.
Its Ok. I am allowed to take time off. I am really sick---- well I have been really sick...today I am well and loving it.
I bought a new DJ today-that's denim jacket to the uninitiated. And a top for work. It's orange which isnt a colour I usually wear but just kind of jumped out at me.
I love op shopping. Save Mart has just hundreds of clothes-thousands of tops, jeans, shoes, jackets, yum yum yum. I love shopping. Just for bargains.
I have been doing lots of chatting-hope im not boring esp Kyra. She is so nice.
Planning my trip to the USA with JoeGo....will it happen? Yes it will. I am serious about it.
If he cant make it cos of song or health then I will find someone else to do it with.
I must do this thing. Don't care how much it costs.
I need to live while Im alive.
Having this depression has taught me this! Almost worth it to learn that lesson-almost!
I have 32 potential people to visit in the USA. Amazing eh. Joe says he doesn't want to visit anyone which is a bit odd...I do hope it happens....its not for 19-20 months. Plenty of time for me to get my shit together-read Lonely planet Guide, make sure my friends are still my friends after some time goes by.
This reference is Private Tomorrow **********************************
we'll see how it goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nuff said!
I am so glad I feel good again.
Keeping a mood chart is really helpful. Recommend it to all beepers.
Might see if it relates to the moon. Bryan said this up started on the New Moon.
Tired now,  bed soon. Midnight.