I\'m alive and survived

OK, grandson, whom I walked the floor with for 4 days because he was sick gave me his bug.  On top of that took a reaction to med Dr gave me.  Yes, death looked like an upgrade! LOL  Now doing some better with hot lemon honey tea and OTC drugs.  I told the lady at the counter, as here you must give your DOB to buy certain cold meds, "If I were making and doing meth would I feel this badly?" LOL  That's why they track it here.   Something in it to make meth.  Sheez, never thought I'd be carded for cold meds......tobacco and booze sure but cold meds?  I didn't die on her counter waiting fortunately. LOL  Hubby knew I was sick when I gave up coffee.  Scared him to death.  Sure sign I'm VERY SICK!  I give up coffee for nothing!   The pet plaques and name plaques seem to have folks around here interested.  Don't know if they like them or just can't remember their own names.  LOL  Could be also used for pin up when or if pet is lost.  Also thinking of getting into doing people's faces.  IDEAS???? Take care my peeps.  Got to get back to my Discipleship course and my Ministerial Counseling course. Got to try to find a funding source to finsih paying for the Ministerial Counseling after this section.  Wish me luck.