I\'m a victim of groundhog abuse!

Saturday at around 1:00 PM, my feeds for cable TV, telephone and internet all abruptly stopped. Since I have "bundled" my services I have only one company that I needed to call...the good old cable company. Of course I had to use my cheapie "pay as you go"cell phone to make the call. The customer service rep for the cable company told me that there was a service outage in my area and that they were working on the problem as we spoke.So I waited for the service to come back up. Around 7 pm I called again and again I was assured that they were working on the problem. The next day the services were still down so I called again. This time they scheduled a repairman to come by my house today. He came and was successful in restoring everything. He told me that it looked as if a groundhog had chewed through the buried line that supplied service to my house.  Well that ticked me off. After all,I had never done anything to that groundhog ...and yet he caused me to miss my weekend football AND the Saturday and Sunday World Series Games. Something needs to be done! I know! I think I'll contact my good friend Elmer Fudd. I can hear him now.."Shhh!! Be vewwy, vewwy quiet...I'm hunting gwoundhogs...hehehehehehe!"  I chose Elmer because he is relentless. determined, loud...and unsuccessful. (Hey, I don't want to hurt the critter) My hope is that he could scare the groundhog away. Have it go eat some one else's cable line.  Oh well, I'm back online now for the foreseeable future...or at least until the groundhog gets hungry again. Be well,Tom .