I'm a doormat

I feel so stupid and frustrated at how I"m acting. All I want out of a relationship is love, and to feel wanted and needed and be able to be a partner and take care of someone.
I get lets be friends and I'm no longer attracted you or anybody for that matter, yet I still let him come over and hang out like a buddy would even though it puts me right in the dirt everytime. Im glad it makes him feel better to have a friend in me, but after almost 15 years of marriage, is it so wrong to want a whole relationship?
I just wish he'd let me go if he has no intention of coming back. This is our third seperation, this one going on 6 months and he is making long term plans that don't include me, but I always get that text every morning. I love you! Good morning!
He wants me to be a friend. Not a lover or a wife. Needless to say I feel unlovable and gross. I've put up with this for so many years. Why can't I say, I cant accept this type of relationship from you? Because then I'd be totally alone, and I'm still afraid if I tell him no, he'll never come back. But part of me wonders if him coming back is that great of an idea. I"m starting to do good alone. working out, my house is clean, paying my bills on time. Its hard to be married to someone who won't accept any responsibilty at all. I'm just glad we didnt' have children together. :(