I know it's strange but I don't like FRIDAY'S

Everyone around school is sooo excited on Friday's. I know in offices, stores, and places all over the city people are soooo soooo happy on Friday's. Co workers are nicer to eachother, the boss is is a good mood and everyone sharing their week end plans. Now I could see if I asked someone " Hey whatcha doin this weekend?" I open myself up to hear every thing they are doing. However what is the deal with some people who just come up to you and say " Oh i'm doing this or i'm doing that " it really gets on my nerves. I never want to seem bitter or catty and around school I am Mama T making the coffee and toasted muffins or bagels making sure we always have orange juice and fruit in the teacher fridge. I am the ultimate care taker so maybe that feel like I would automatically want to hear about how their Wonderful husbands are wisking them off to some romantic spot or how they are having a huge family barbeque or what ever ya know.
The truth is guys is that I really don't give a shit right now about how great their lives are. Does that make me a bad person or not a good friend? I  hate Friday's because during the week i'm super T I can solve any problem, no job is to big for me, I even took 28 school age kids the the water park and we had a blast. My point is during my work week I feel like I'M IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE everyone comes to me for advice and help with lesson plans or an un ruley child. Even the parents love to talk to me about what ever is going on in their lives and ask my advice to help them or their child. Then here comes Friday and I know that Sat and Sun really SUCK RIGHT NOW. I don't have the money to go out all weekend and I hate being home all by myself. On Austin's visits with his Dad every other weekend I know it's even worse. I try to invite friends over for wine or coffee but they are always busy. Some with husbands and family stuff and some out livin the single life party  to party bar to bar not for me.
I do things to try to occupy my time, read, clean, last week end I actually shampooed the carpets in the whole apt. I journal and watch a movie but good God i'm running out of things to do then what. I am sad to say that usually sleep comes next Here I am it's 10:30 am and i'm in the office writing a journal because I don't want this day to end I don't want to go home and face the lonliness. Some say I need a date I feel like a need a date about as much as I need a hole in my head. Anyone else have these issues with stressing out about facing the alone time. I just HATE IT.