I just had a great session with counciler....

I just had a really good few days and my counciler said im like a new person this morning.I know its a rollercoaster but right now its good to not be thinking of him all the time.This years going to be all about me,Ive always put others first and somehow ive come last but im putting myself first now and it feels good.I know there will be many more dips on this ride but i know i can get through them.



Hi Nix..I\'m so glad for you.You are an amazing person and have gone through so much. To come out on top and with your head high. You are holding it together. i have found that\'s all we can do. How are the kids? Are they still taking things out on you?
One last thing I see the Brits have a tad of snow we only have about an inch. (very rare for us) but it has been miserable cold.

I\'m starting to have more good days than bad and want just to be done with him.