I have given up

Ill call this one painful. After such little time I can go through this anymore And for all intensive purposes I have given up. When you cant controll the situtation I guess you just let go anf turn it over to a higher power (I am not a relious person see I cant even spell it right) but I ve tried everything that is to be tried abd nothing has worked  I keep getting the im just not happy and I dont love you and weve grown apart so many times and I cant take it anymore.So I asked WHAT WOULD MAKE YOU HAPPY and she says MY OWN PLACE so i told her to go get one. That was one of the HARDESS THINGS I HAVE EVER EVER SAID.... I do was the other hardess thingss to say... I am holding back the tears I wont let them (the girls)see me cry as I am a rock in there eyes or so Id like to think.. I did NOT want to say it but I had to I needed to let it free. Its in gods (or whatever being that is out there) hands now