I have fallen off the journal wagon.

To my family and friends,
I have fallen off the journal writing wagon.  I just let life consume me again.  I am trying faithfully to get back into the swing of things and taking journal time out for my thoughts and my eating.  I am on a 4 day streak at daily plate logging my food.  I can't believe what I am eating.  There is nothing like seeing the actual numbers that are over and under to get your mind wrapped around  what needs to be done.
Journal writing for my thoughts seem to be more of a issue.  I am so  happy and don't feel a need to write.  Yet of course, that is probablly exactly why I need to. 
I still love food and I am getting tired of eating the same old stuff.  It is time for a meal makeover.  I still have the hardest part of getting the family to convert over.  I guess the only break through is that they are all old enought to cook for themselves.  Yet, I admit I get pretty upset when I work on dinner and nobody eats. 
Tonights dinner might fall into that category.  15 bean soup with chunky tomatos and ham pieces.  I am sure there will be faces for that.  Do I care....Yes!, But it is what it is.