i hate back stabbgers

i hate  alot of ppls behavoir to me   it make it seem like just becase i have a learning disability means they can stabe me in tha back and constly  thinking they cant talk to me about a ishue thats would need resolved they first talk to my sister thent hey make her talk to me  wich i dont think is fari on my side or my sidters side of things
mom said the dont know what to say  id would think the truth right out at me would be better
=/ i mean yean truth hurt some times but i think it hurts more when ppl are babing you all becase they think u cant handle what there saying wich i hate 
it puts presshure onmy sister  tand me  wich it should only atleast do on me  if im doing something wrong  that i like to know  not have some one play messenger for them to tell the truth all cuz there scaired ofhow i might react
this has been happening off work to i hate it so much
i mean would it make the sky fall if they told the truth directly at me instead of thinking "o hes got ishues so wwe will ask some one to give him the message for me "  no i hate that
i find that a good persion would try to tell the truth right out regardless themselfs  rather then acting everythings ok then telling some one else somthings wrong
its not like its rocket scince or de activating a bomb
asll i want from ppl is to respect me and tell the truth right at me directly 
if i find some one not able to do this then they are not capable fo b-ing a true friend there for i dont make friends w/ such ppl as muchas i can 
simply becase  i had enogh w/ that kind of behavior 
i hate it espeshily at work where i cant give those ppl a pice of my mind becase if u trho any sort of fuss   then bam  fired and then jobless  possibly homless to 
wich stinks  becase  it dose not seem verry rescpt full of them to act like everythings fine and dany then boom trun atound and tatle on the higher persion wich in this case is my sister and that dont go well every time that happensds to me at work make s me wanna quit becase  i feel pretty disrespected as is w/ the job itself sence alot of ppl come and basicly accack it  so i get alot fo crud from that too  i relly want out of there asap becase of that
rrrrrrrhhhhhhgggg i hate it  cuzs im trapped
theres no escape hatch of this stupid disrespect i mean  its like im a magnet to pplwho dose such thing well if u ppl got any comments on this  go on ahead
=/ not like im getting out of this loop any time sooon any how