I Had a Slight Accident

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 - 1:40 PM   I hoped that June would be a good month for me, but many of those hopes were dashed after I went to bed Monday night. Sometime during the late hours, my right leg managed to fall off the side of the bed, dragging part of my right side with it. Because I do not have much movement in my legs, I was not able to get that side of my body back up on the bed, so I had to remain that way until my CNA' s arrived at 8 AM.   When my first CNA came into my apartment, she quickly saw my predicament. My right foot was entirely on the floor, and the rest of my body was twisted much like a corkscrew. My entire right leg, from the foot up to and including the hip, was swollen. I had pain radiating throughout my leg, into my back, and then into my left hip. Although I am quite sure nothing was broken, that knowledge did not diminish some of the anger I felt toward my CNA's for not having properly positioned me in the middle of my bed the night before this. As it was, they had placed me extremely close to the edge of my bed with the result being that I somehow slipped off of it.   Yesterday, I tried keeping my right leg propped up in the air throughout most of the day in order to decrease the swelling in it. In addition to that, I also took some muscle relaxers and pain medication. All that helped a bit, but it was not a cure. Today I feel as though I have been run over by a Mack truck!   Tomorrow I am scheduled to go to a Speech and Hearing Center in order to get one of my hearing aids, which has now been repaired. It will be nice to finally be able to hear out of both ears again. My neighbors will probably be happy about this as much as I am, because I will no longer need to have the television turned up quite so loudly. I seriously doubt that they enjoyed listening to my choices of music, movies and other television shows throughout the wee hours of the mornings.   My niece Kathy and her husband finally got the iPod that I bought to work. In fact, they managed to download several pieces of music onto it. My sister brought it back to me with instructions that I was supposed to connect the iPod to the USB port on my computer in order to download music and videos. That leads me to another problem. If the USB port is located on the rear of my hard drive, I cannot think of any way that I will be able to connect and disconnect the iPod to that because I am unable to reach that far. I hope that my niece and her husband can come up with a solution that is manageable for me.   I am still trying to use the iPod (with varying degrees of luck). When my sister found out that I had it, she finally told me that if I no longer wanted to keep it, she might be willing to buy it from me. I said that I would try it for a while and let her know.   Despite running into a few hurdles in the road during the weekend, my new external catheter continues to work well for me. I no longer seem to have any urinary tract infection, and that may be the best news I have had all year.   I have still been unable to make any phone calls on my new cell phone, but I finally learned yesterday that before I can use it, the cell phone must be activated. That means calling in the company from a different phone and getting several numbers to program into the cell phone. It would have been much easier had the company told me that when I bought it   I guess that if some companies told us the truth about how to use their products, we might not like the lack of ease that it would take to use them, which might result in a large dip of sales for them.