i got the funds for april and i am so happy

There was a song in the 1960s...it was called rambling rose.This journal will sound rambling and I hope that things will work out.I have got the funds for april and i still have money left over.Out of that,i will get a roommate and all of this hassle wont be nomore.This is the only house that i have had for three years and i refuse to leave it.I refuse to bow into this depression again.I got a pledge for 50.00 and i intend to get more.May will be a year and i am not talking to him anymore.People have the most funny notions about suicide.Especially,he was acting coo-koo.And I feared I feared for my life and I am glad that it is over.He was a good guy when he was sober,but Brad did not want to live anymore.All he wanted to do is get drunk because he told me that drink takes away his pain.In the final months,he treated me terrible and i knew that the end was in sight.i stayed all because of the cats and all because i had a bed.I refuse to be homeless no more.To be told that I would never find work or a roommmate shows her stupidity.I raised the money within two days and i am getting paid in two weeks.I sent out the time sheet today and i intend to do more work with this company.I intend to call them again tomorrow and will keep in touch.AARP doesnt sound like a good idea and she is one pain in the a.............i refuse to do it.I am only doing it for the money and if i get a roommate for 6 months,I wont have to work because the money will help pay for the bills and ulities.I have a little bit of money left and it will be left for good use.