I got my GED!

I'm so happy right now I can't even describe! I got my GED! I got rid of Sara the EXTREMELY bad influence on my life! I got a good job and an amazing boy friend that I've been with for 5 months now. I love him so much! I managed to stay out of the hospital for more than a month this time and I'm still kicking.  In September I had a very scary thing happen to me. One day I was feeling fine, nothing out of the ordinary. I took a nap when no one was home and I had a sleeping pill earlier that day. I dont' remember much after falling asleep. But I remember waking up from the nap in between and feeling funny. I was dizzy and had a tingly feeling all over. I remember coughing a lil but, like i said, nothing out of the ordinary. Each time I came into consciousness I felt out of control and very incoherent. Like a dream where your trying to run away but are unable to do so. Like I couldn't move or get up to get to the phone, and I knew that something was wrong but i coulnt do anything about it. Anyway, my sister later came home from work, it being three hours since this eppiosed started happening, and found me lying on the couch covered in blood and blood everywhere. She didn't realize it at first and walked past me to go into the kitchen but aparently I was calling her name and thats when she finally came in the living room. She called the ambulence. By the time the ambulence got to my house I was completely numb. They then took me to my home town hosputal. Where they, shortly after I arrived, said I had to be rushed in ambulence to Bismarck. And off I went to Bismarck, where they told me a blood vessal in my lungs had bursted and said they had to go in and stop it through surgery. So anyway I thank god for my sister every day! I love her so much and she has had to go through so much shit with me and my CF. And she had stayed strong through all of it! I seriously don't know what I would do with out her.  My one goal right now would be to move out of my moms house. I have been there since me and Sara "broke up" and thats been a lil over a year. So I would say its time! I'm very happy with my life right now and hope it stays this way for quite some time! Love you all, Megan!  P.S. I'm still strugling with smoking, despite what happened! I just don't know what to do. I get soooooo stronge and quite for a while but then it sneaks back up on me againg and I start smoking again!