I Got My Father Back

It's been a difficult year.  I lost my husband in 2010.  Then I had the fight of my life with my father.  Dealing with both nearly took me over the edge.  And I did not know how I could put up with my father's constant rages.  Anger boiled within me and I battle my own demons,  but I remembered one thing God wants from his children:  forgiveness.  He tells us to forgive and keep on forgiving.  So that's what I did with my father.  And today I received my reward:  My father thanked me.  He admitted that he had psycological demons that were ripping  him apart, especially in this last year.  He admitted how afraid he was and told me how everyone walked away except me.  And then he told me how if it hadn't been for me, he could not have survived.  His sanity was being ripped away, he said, and he didn't know what to do.  Then I stepped in.  And he thanked me.
I can see the difference in him.  We're talking now, communicating in a way I didn't think possible.  He seems happier, calmer. 
He also thanked me for the dog I brought him last year.  I once read that dogs can aleviate depression.  Well, my father agrees.  It made a difference because I had something that depended on me, he said. 
So, it comes down to this--forgiveness, and never stop forgiving.  Love and never stop loving.  As for the future--well, I know there will be ups and downs, but I'm prepared for them.  My preparation came from the greatest book of all times: the Bible.