so today I donated blood. I got there 30 mins too early oops buts thats okay cos' I had so many forms to fill out anyway. Um the lady sat me down on this chair and said she';d tell me when to look away. I did kinda, then she taped the tube down my arm buit luvkily didn't say anything about my scars. Um Then I was lying there for 7 minutes watching the blood but she moved the bag to under my chair , I dont think she liked me watching..I was still in the chair lying down for 5 minutes afterwrads then I moved to the room where the drinks are and I fainted. It felt alright sitting for about 30 seconds, then my eyesight went all colourful and I gfelt dizzy then my haearing went which was scary. So then I felt a fan on me and the fan instantly made it better. I was already lyinhg down when I fainted. I wish someone else had been with me though. afterward sI met Ryan for the first time at his work and that was cool. I was tryna get him to do a round off but it was concrete so yeah. I didn't really wana leave, It was fun chatting for real.I guess today has been okay, I left my exam after 2 hours to get my car WHICH IS FIXED!imma go