I felt good today.Friday-Mayt 15th,2008

I felt good today and I felt like singing.I have not sang in a long time.Every time I practice this idiot does not like it ,so excuse me.Whoever reads this do me a favor and do not get i volved with anyone that has got a very severe drinking problem.When he is sober..he is terrible and he treats me like crap.Frank noticed this.I miss Frank more now.I miss his voice and I have not yet cried in two days over him which is amazing for me.I did not know that it would be this hard.But what gets me is the way that people avoid you.She hasnt spoke to me since Frank died and she can take a flying leap.So can the rest of the people in that choir.What a bunch of hypocrites that turned out to be! People today are funny and for some reason when someone dies...they go into hiding.They think it is not nice to talk about death.But when is everyone going to realize that we must talk? When are these people who are always going to these silly parties and such realize that lost will become a part of their lives?I miss Frank and I am at the vege of a nervous breakdown.I am at the breaking point.I am at the verge of jumping out of my skin.Noone listens to me.Noone calls me anymore.Everyone has abandoned me and I feel so alone.Being alone aint that bad.It is being avoided.When will this pain go away? When will I ever be loved and forgiven?