I Feel Another Rant on Language Coming On

I know some may consider me annoying for doing these, but I just get worked up when I see language being mangled repeatedly. If you are in a tough situation and you want to take everything way down in intensity, you DEFUSE the situation or remark.  You do not DIFFUSE it.  The metaphor is about an explosive device, you nip the fuse off it or "defuse" it to take away its potential to cause trouble.  Taking a bundle of dynamite sticks apart and spreading the sticks all over the place will not stop it from doing harm, that would be "diffusing" it or "spreading it out". I keep hearing people using the wrong words over and over again...and it just gets to me after a while.  We all make mistakes, but this is something different.  This is about mistakes becoming the norm forever more.



Yeah, like \"I feel badly about that.\" That one makes me crazy. It is becoming the norm, in scripts, in unscripted TV commentary, everywhere. I want to say, Idiots, you feel \"bad.\" Unless there is something wrong with your sense of touch. Then, you might feel badly. But only then.

And how many times do you hear supposedly educated people say, \"Between you and I, . . . . . .\"

Or, same idea, \"Blah, blah blah, a great thing for he and she to do.\" That\'s when him and her is correct, NOT when \'him and her went to the store\' . . . . .or \"me and him went to the store\'

Oh, you got me started, Richie. . . . .

And what about adding apostrophes before every word that ends in \"s\" , as in just meant to be plural, not possessive.

And using \"it\'s\" for \"its\"

And a common one on hear: people say \"to\" much instead of \"too\" much. Something as simple as that people screw up.


You REALLY got me on my horse . . . . . . . .

At long last, a kindred spirit...I just love listening to high school principals and college professors mangle their grammar...it\'s like fingernails on a blackboard. How in the world did they graduate from high school? They would not have gotten a diploma from my high school.

I got in a real fight verbally with the editors of a publication when I submitted a scientific paper using the phrase \"none were\". They insisted it had to be \"none was\" When I tried to explain that the word \"none\" has no number, so there is nothing wrong with \"none were\", I might as well have been talking to a cocker spaniel.

Those are all such common mistakes you mentioned, I just saw a possessive \"it\'s\" in a news article today. These mistakes are becoming standard usage now, that\'s what really bothers me.

Here\'s a non-fact that troubles me: the term blue moon defined as a full moon in a month where there are two full moons. That is absolutely, totally false. It has been traced back to an issue of Astronomy magazine where someone made it up out of whole cloth.

A blue moon is a total eclipse of the moon. Yes folks, they used to be blue before we polluted the earth\'s atmosphere with soot. I saw one of the last ones in the 1940\'s. It was really a beautiful sight. Now they are all red or orange.

Here\'s another one...\"alright\" is not a word. Already is ok, \"alright\" is not. It should be \"all right\".

Don\'t ask me why, I did not create this language...I just try to speak and write it well.