i dont mind helping going through your baby items

Ok so tonight me n hubby had a nice dinner... After we left the restaurant our bestest friends in the whole wide world texted an asked if we mind stopping by to see them. Of course we dont mind. She is 20 weeks pregnant with a boy. I would be 23 weeks if i wouldnt of m/c. Well when we there she asked if i mind helping her go through an seperate the clothes she had gotten from sum one today an her husband needed help from my husband. I dont mind helping they mean so much to us. Then while we were going through the clothes she asked if i would mind doing the cake for the baby shower n help her register being the nice person iam i said yes... ggrrr why cant i say NO to anyone or anything? But i dont recent her..
Iam just FRUSTRATED... I wish we could be going through this together. My poor hubby could tell i was frustrated. an he knows i cant say NO. i got home an i feel like this all is just a dream, I know it all is not a dream but sum times i do pinch my self n double check this is real life an i really am going through this. Iam just so frustrated no one should have to go through this. I feel like iam being punished for sumthing i done wrong...I have always loved babies lets just say iam a baby addict.
am i crazy ????