I dispise waiting on phone calls.

Boy I dispise waiting on phone calls when I have something to tell him that so very important and its already almost 9:30pm. I have been waiting patiently, but I know me, I'll snap cause I don't like these late night calls. I talked to his one brother briefly today, and I mean briefly just to find out what out of state parole is all about, why I am doing this I'm not to sure, asking about out of state parole, there is no gureentee they will let him go, have to try to think possitive,its not easy being patient any more, not after so many darn years of waiting just for bad news/results. Now its count time if I am not mistaken, if he does not call by 10:15pm-10:30pm he won't any more tonight. Don't even know what would posses him into waiting untill Sunday, Easter Sunday, phone lines will be extra long, and at times I want to talk longer then his 1/2 of hour, they can talk as long as they want to, we have already done a hour and a half. I feel as if I need a valium tonight, I'm to antsy, I wish this phone would ring already.                                                                                 Just Me!