I have completed a full semester!!!!! FINALLY!!
I almost can't believe I made it through without a breakdown or a major depressive episode! My new med levels evidently are working very well.
I'm tired, really really tired, but okay. I had a schedule for the last fortnight and told everybody to leave me alone to get to it. So a three hour exam (that I likely bombed but oh well) six response posts to make up for work I'd missed in Q's class, and three 20 page papers, though I admit that Dr. Q only got 15. He really does trigger me. I don't think I have to take anymore classes with him though so that's a blessing.
Summer session starts in a bit. I have to make up the credits I lost during the fall semester's depressive episode. I don't think it'll be that bad.
I went out for celebration supper with some classmates who brought their husbands and I kinda missed Scott and felt a little regret over our break-up. I think I miss the idea of a relationship than I miss him as an actual person though. In the long run it's much better that we parted ways and I think I did the right thing in goading him to drop me. He's had too many women dump all over him then break his heart. I think being the one to end things will give him more confidence in his next relationship and encourage him to pursue his own needs instead of bowing to his girlfriend's whims all the time.
Enough about him though, I FINISHED A SEMESTER!!!! And now that SDS has my disability stuff on file things will go smoother in my next courses.
I feel so accomplished!



Yay for you!!!!! Good to hear your doing well and have made it throw the semester..... Keep it up , Blessings ^j^ T.

Awesome - that\'s great news! I\'m so happy for you :)