I can't seem to win.

I cant believe its been two years since I last made an entry @ Daily Strength.
I've come back here because a friend is going through the ringer right now. The situation he finds himself in is somewhat similar to that in which I found myself in about 2 and-a-bit years ago. This is mainly to do with breakups, separation and possibly divorce. 
My last post I made in Nov of 2008 was me in a happy faze of life, all was merry in the Land of Redgoblin. Two years on things are still good, I'm still with my new partner, and we are both relatively happy, but life isn't perfect. Its not the life we have together which is not good, its just life.
I moved to the land of Wales with my new partner, and found myself a job which lasted for about a year and-a-bit. It wasn't a permanent job, in the sense I was working for an employment agency, and agencies tend to be sporadic in terms of placement.
I had quite a lengthy stint at one place which like I said lasted for a year and a bit, which was nice because I wasn't in different schools (I worked as an Learning Support Assistant). They laid me off last July because of funding and since then I've worked the odd week here-and-there either in the same kind of role, at the same place (doing web-site stuff) or with different agencies and different schools. 
Its been so sporadic (the work) that I've not been able to land myself a proper role, get interviewed for any work which is off of agency and on to permanent full time employment. The thought of an interview just well sends me to Jelly, silly I know.
It has become such an issue, that it (even for want of trying to get work) has left me with some kind of General Anxiety Disorder. Any work I do get through agencies has left me feeling fearful of going to work, I believe this is to do with the stability, not being at one place for any good stretch of time. You just can't form those working relationships, and its those relationships, good or bad, which are important for everyday well being.
Sometimes this GAD will manifest itself as with symptoms such as fear, anxiety, sweaty palms, headaches, dizziness, sickness, feelings of light headedness, panic, and other phobias, related either about myself and confidence, or about travel, overcrowding, and feelings that something bad will happen to me. Silly isn't it?
I've tried to fight the fear, and it works to some extent once one really pushes, but what most people take for granted and do everyday for me its like climbing mountains.
I generally find the mornings the most difficult part of the day.  
The thing is, it takes me ages to wake up properly, its like I'm a Zombie. I've tried eating breakfast in the morning , I've tried coffee and tea, and green tea. Nothing. 
Its when I'm in this Zombie state that I find my anxiety levels increase. If I don't get called for work, which is 90% more likely than working I find myself utterly alone, bored, isolated and anxious. The novelty of not working and staying at home, has warn off.
A lot of the time I'm glad they don't call because then I don't have to worry about where I'd be and how to get there, and worry that my phobias and anxiety will kick in...
but when I don't get called its like I'm trapped and the anxiety is made worse by being alone, trying to find work, trying to get out the house go anywhere, do anything - Its like I can't win. I wish I was either in work and earning or lazy as hell and didn't give two shits, the truth is I do care so its the responsibility of giving a shit that has led me to this mental situation.
Madness, I honestly feel jealous of people who are lazy, because they're blissful in their ignorance.