I can do this

I feel strong today. I feel like I can hold out until things get better for me. I am ready to stop caring about all the little BS that is going on in my world and just focus on living. I want to quit my problem so badly. I am getting close to my record and I don't know what will happen when I surpass that. I'm ready to fight this thing! I have been told that I need to get help and I fully agree with that, but it ain't in the cards for me right now. Even though I am a messed up puppy I'm going to fight this thing with everything I've got if its the last thing I do. I am going to be a good person one day. A person who is free of disgusting habits.
I am going to go back to basics soon and start helping more people on here instead of moaning and groaning about how much I hate my situation. That may give me the strength to keep fighting for myself.