I came here to compare notes


NOTE - I posted this on the FM support group main discussion board on 10-19-2010 but I decided to also post it here as well.

I’ve been here just a little over two weeks now and I must say that you ladies here are some of the most caring and compassionate on the face of the earth. I am one of the very few men here and almost the only one who has really been active on the boards during the time I have been here. Yeah, I even made the most active member a time or two here and I believe that is very rare occurrence for a man to do so on the FM board.

As I posted on my profile page, I came here to compare notes. I have put up a number of posts as well as reading many posts others have posted and numerous replies. I see that I am not alone dealing with FM / CFS symptoms.
I would like to be someone who could post replies with answers and hope. However, the only thing I can reply with is that I understand and you won’t get any judgement or condemnation from me. As I see it, the medical community in some cases can really help and restore some people. Then there are others where they can help people in need to some degree, maybe half way. Then there are those where the doctors don’t have a clue. It is sad to say, but to me they are no better than a deep jungle witch doctor shaking an ugly stick in my face when it comes to what I have dealt with. So in all honesty I cannot reply to someone positively when it comes to medical help, therefore I don’t reply. As I see it, if you cannot impart hope then keep your mouth shut.
I got the answers I came for from you ladies and you all have my most sincere gratitude and a true heart felt thank you to all. It has been really good for me being here and corresponding with all of you. So now I am going to become the more traditional man here, not posting much and not replying much either. Oh, I don’t plan on leaving here it is just that I am changing gears so to speak. I will just do my best to keep my mouth shut and don’t complain. That is just what men do and it is really what I’m most comfortable with. But there for a while I threw all that to the side to compare notes with you all and to get some of my questions answered.





Aw, Gee, Randy!

Don\'t go away. It\'s a breath of fresh air to hear from a man now and then (especially one with a rabbit!). I cherish the guys on this site and make a special effort to get to know them because I know that being in the 10% of people getting Fibro being men, you are surely in a spot where you are misunderstood by most people. This is a place to get it out, not keep it in.

I certainly hope you don\'t withhold your opinion on things concerning me. For instance, I got a letter from Cleveland Clinic this week telling me that I have Chronic Kidney Disease on top of everything else I have. You may feel differently, but I need all the friends I can get and I appreciate your input.

Please rethink your status. We all love you on this site and don\'t want to only hear what other females think. You men help balance things out.


Oh I am not leaving at all. It is just that I\'m just cutting back on posting as much as I did. I also cant reply to many posts here when it comes to doctors and meds because I dont see any hope in them right now. And believe me I dont want to cut down anybodys hope. Hope sometimes is the only thing many people have that keeps them going. . There may be some advances in the medical community being made concerning this affliction. However, I cannot shake my conviction about this. I have no hope in the medical community for any real get your life back help. Coming here and reading the posts just confirms it to me.

i know the feeling... i usually shut my mouth about htis illness. not very many poelpe know about it and the few that do know i dont\' say very much about it. i guess becasue when i was in the Corps, they always train us to keep our mouths shut and keep going. well.... i don\'t say much but i\'ve also stopped working thanks to this illenss. i always get the \"well you\'re so young blah blah blah...\" bs.

most of my docs have kept me happy until recently. they WERE supportive of me. it took years of finding them to catch some good ones. i don\'t know what happened that my pain psychologist suddenly thinks i should just \"push my self and go back to work\".

i havent\' figured out a plan yet as to what to do about this, but i will.

I\'m glad you have found us and hope you keep finding good supportive friends here! i know i think they rock!