i back

hi all. once again its been forever that I've been on. sorry for that. i do think about about pray for ya all. i left for Louisianan on June first and will be headed home on the 16th. having a great time. on the day before i leave i am going t confront my mom about my childhood and about all the lies. should be interesting but needs to be done. i want a relationship with her but not one built on lies. i have already forgiven her though. got call last night that my 19 year old was arrested for threatening a staff in facility she is in. she cant go back so i requested she be transferred to another one that is lock up so she and others are safe. this is so hard to see happen to your own child. i just cant keep fixing things for her. this trip has been good escape but ed is still in control. i still find time to excessive and not eating well and seem to be purging alot more to hide ed from my family. but mentally i feel pretty good and sound. well better go for now talk again soon. oh yea i also get to bring my niece back home with me for the summer and then get to come back to bring her back to her home. so excited. well take care and remember i love ya all.