i am back

i had a great visit with wendy in australia i was nice being with her again and the country is beautiful .the flight was very long being in the air for 20 hours wasnt to bad because i knew wendy would be wanting for me when i got there two weeks wasnt long enough but we did as much as we could in the amount of time we had . her family welcomed me with open arms and i felt like i belonged there .we also got some paper work done so i can move over there and work so we have 10 weeks apart before she comes to be with me for two weeks then we both go back together to be with each other for good .i can back to get my things taken care of here and sell as much stuff as i can and ship some of my things over there .the wait is the killer but we have already got one week over with already so the time is moving along .i know cindy would be ok with me doing what will make me happy and life will be good again .