Hypermobility and RA

Does that mean, even though im crippled with pain most days, i'll be able to scratch the back of my head with my big toe ???????



Laughing out loud here!!! Thats just funny! But.....yes..! LOL!!! Even though EDS and hypermobility hurts realllly bad (most of us any way) we can do some pretty crazy sh*t!!! Some days I can be struttin around like a 21 yro yoga instructor with all the energy and stamina in the world, and the next day I literally can NOT move because my hip is out, my shoulders are out, my ribs have slipped over each other and my jaw has popped from biting a sandwich!! It is so crazy and unpredictable.....*shaking head*.....I\'d tell ya to \"hang in there\" but hanging from things isn\'t recommended due to the shoulder and elbow dislocations.....LOL....sooo...chin up??