Husband got laid off

I don't even know what were going to do.  It's only suppose to be for 3 weeks but that is 3 weeks of no money. My husband works in construction and right now work is really slow.  I can't even process anything right now. We have our first ultraound tomarrow morning and if I get bad news I think it will just push me over the edge. And I don't know how I'm going to cope.  And my husband has his stupid attitude that everything will be fine (about his job) sorry I keep jumping from one thing to another.  I usually appreciate his positive attitude because I am the type of person that likes to have everything in order and have a plan, no surprizes.  And he balances me out. But when it comes to not having money coming in for 3 weeks telling me not to worry it will all work out is NOT helping me right now. I wanted to tell him to take his positive attitude and SHOVE IT!! Sorry for venting so much. I will let everyone know how the ultrasound goes.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me and I will take all the prayers I can get that this baby is going to make it. Love ya all!