husband driving me crazy!

well, hubby can be generally annoying but today he is taking the cake! Beginning of the day wasn't too bad, had to take a nap due to all the meds I took last night due to pain. now mike can always be obnoxious on the weekends because he always complains about being bored on weekends (not my fault he never has ideas for something to do that's free!).....but he is ALWAYS asking me to get him something while i'm up ("while you're in the kitchen can u get me ....."). if I tell him no i'm giving attitude or whatever. I get so sick of it!! and it's not like he offers to ever get me stuff!
problem #2: I carefully and painstakingly cleaned an end table, chair and part of the floor. thanks to mike u can hardly tell I cleaned it and I can guarantee 90 percent of the stuff on those surfaces is his!!! aaarrrggh! drives me crazy! I would confront him about it but don't want it thrown in my face that he works "harder" and longer than I do.
thanks for listening to my rant...hopefully tomorrow will be better!!