hurt but i need to get over this.

i heard from my mentor friend today got an email from her today.  I'm glad things are going well for her. and IM NOT MAD AT HER cuz i know its just how things are but deep down it hurts that i really don't fit into her busyness and life at all. cuz there really isnt any part of the year and years that she really has time for me. i feel like she has to go through all this effort to even spend just a little bit of time with me.  i keep getting pushed back even though she thinks at the time that she will have time but she ends up not having any time so i get pushed back further. i wish i was able to fit into her life. it doesn't feel like a real friendship at all. i feel like im just waiting by the side lines waiting for the little time she does have for me. I'm just getting sick of being on this unfair side of things with her. and i feel like i deserve to be treated like a real friend and this isn't what i consider to be a real friendship.  i guess all of this isn't going to change and if i still want her as a friend at all im going to have to accept that this is how she wants things.