Hungry : (

I'm having a hungry day today. I know when you restrict your starving all the time. But some days it's stronger than others and this is one of them. In the past I've kept it to myself because I feel ashamed that I've been labelled with Anorexia...and yet here I am craving food! I know it's just a natural reaction but once again my head is telling me otherwise - "WEAK"This is usually when I end up bingeing so instead I've told my Mum about it. That way I'll have no oppertunity to binge. My head is screaming "now everyone knows your weak!" but my heart knows that this is a good thing in the long run. I AM stronger for being able to take control.Today I'm hoping to hear from my pdoc. It might be tomorrow as it'll be the end of the week but I can hope can't I? It'll be my pdoc I'll hear from because my GP will contact him to let him know what he's done or if he's heard anything. When i'm waiting for Dr Hart to phone it's usually the evening after he's finished his consultations so it might not be till 6pm tonight. and that's if I'll hear anything, otherwise the same will apply for tomorrow.Goal UpdateWell I'm still at home so I'm still making progress on my goal but I have lost weight again. I'm spending most of my day sitting up in bed to rest and I just get up to eat and then I go downstairs of an evening. Getting a bit fidgety sitting in bed all day but it's better than ending up on the floor!Yesterday I had THE WORSE dizzy spell I've had. I was helping my Mum with the shopping list and stood up (not even very quickly) to look in the cupboard. I got the weirdest rush in my head and everything started going blurry with white patches and my ears buzzed at the same time. I sat down quickly! Today I'll make sure that where ever I go, I go slowly!